Our Services

Industrial Equipments Services provides installation & commissioning services for Mechanical and instrument items.

Our professional teams consist of industry veteran engineers who have 20+ years of experience in the field.

Process Compatibility

A detailed survey by our team is performed to realize the correct process specifications and selection of products according to those specifications. This process is usually done before submission of our products quotation.

Fabrication, Installation & Commissioning

Our team is capable of providing complete fabrication works related to installation of the products which can include bypass lines etc. All additional items like valves, pipes & pipe fittings are also supplied from our stock.


If the installed products are measuring instruments then correct calibration is sometimes required according to the process. In this case, factory calibrated instruments are recalibrated according to the customer’s process.


SCADA/HMI system deployment & Synchronization: IE provides complete SCADA system or custom HMI designs according to the customer requirements. We also perform synchronization of our supplied meters with existing SCADA/HMI of our customers.